What are your project management tips and pain points?


The ServerSide에서 프로젝트 관리에 관한 여러가지 생각을 수집하고 있습니다.
요지는 "프로젝트 관리의 Tip And Risk" 답글로 여러내용이 올라와있는데

1. Risk management and expectations

2. Aglile is no different
1.번에 대한 관리법으로 Agile을 추천하지만 Agile이라고 모든 걸 해결해주지 않는다.

3. A good PM can manage any project
Technology를 잘아는것이 아니라 Work를 잘 아는 사람이 좋은 PM, 하지만 Technology을 잘안다면 아주 스마트한 PM이 될것이다.

아래는 원문

What are your project management hot spots?

TheServerSide tends to spend quite a bit of time dealing with the low level tasks of hacking out Java code and pushing application code out to the server. But this month TSS is looking at going a few levels above the programming fray to look into the trials and tribulations of project management. Of course, this does beg the question, "From a project management perspective, what are the key issues that impact the lives of the enterprise Java developer?"
Time Estimates? Team Collaboration? Project Staffing?
Perhaps the biggest issue is the inability of project managers to properly estimate development timelines, forcing developers into the demoralizing task of working against impossible deadlines.
Poorly managed teams can also generate explosive results. Whether it's a problem with staffing a project with properly skilled individuals, or poor communication of expectations and direction, bad project management can be the signature on the death certificate of a failed project.
But not every project is poorly managed. What are the secrets to success? What are the great tips that can be introduced into just about any project that can push progress forward and keep teams motivated? There is no doubt that TheServerSide readership could write a sizable book about the topic.
What type of insight can an expert like you provide?
So, for now, TheServerSide wants to hear your project management stories. If you've got a quick story or insightful tip, post it into the comments section at the bottom of this post and we'll integrate them into an article or two. Or, if you've got some seriously keen insight, TheServerSide is interested in turning that insight into a feature article. Think about it for a moment and send an article idea to me, Cameron McKenzie, the editor here at TheServerSide, at cmckenzie at techtarget.com

Project Management - It's an important topic for the enterprise Java developer.


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